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A list of text updates and corrections beginning since 1 January 2010, arranged by page.
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14 February 2010: added Rampart House, Portland Inlet Depot. Revised Camp Skagway.
24 November 2010: revised Fort St. George, Fort Alexander (1).


13 June 2010: revised Quíburi Presidio, Camp Calabasas (1), Tubac Presidio, Tucson Presidio. Added Mission de Guevavi.
3 July 2010: added Camp at Jacob's Well, Camp Lemon Ranch, Camp Cienega de Sauz, Camp Casa Blanco, Fort Cañada del Oro, Camp Blue Water Station, Detachment at Grinnell's Station, Camp Galen. Revised Camp Rio San Francisco, Camp McCleave.
28 August 2010: revised Camp Mason with corrected info provided by Stephen Siemsen.


11 December 2010: revised Bahamas.

All outside links checked June 2010.
5 June 2010: added Hastings' Barracks, Camp Colus, Camp Lu-pi-yu-ma, Camp Fernando Feliz, Point Arena Radar Station, Fort Bragg Radar Station, Cape Mendocino Radar Station, Camp Klamath, Oak Camp, Camp at Sacramento, Camp Frémont (1), Camp Budd, Camp at Campbell, Pigeon Point Radar Station, Camp Columbus, Point Sur Radar Station, Cambria Radar Station, Camp Persifer Smith, Camp Burton (1), Camp Belt, San Francisco Quartermaster Depot, Camp Miramar, Point Montara Radar Station, Half Moon Bay Radar Station, Jenner Radar Station, Olema Radar Station, Camp at Santa Rosa, Mt. Tamalpais Radar Station, Molate Island Military Reservation, Mission de la Purísima Concepción de María Santísima, Camp Johnson, Mission San Juan Capistrano, Fort Gass, Camp La Paz, Camp Rousseau, Santa Barbara Channel Radar Stations, Point Dume Radar Station, San Pedro Channel Radar Stations, Outer Santa Barbara Channel Radar Stations, Camp Vista, San Diego Radar Stations, Marine Barracks Balboa Park, Camp La Mesa, Camp Morena. Revised Camp Dragoon Bridge, Fort Dick, Fort Ord, Benicia Arsenal, Camp Santa Catalina Island, Camp Vallecito, Fort Pio Pico, Camp Kearny (2), Camp Otay, Camp Lockett, Camp Seeley.
25 June 2010: revised Camp at Callahan's Ranch, Camp on Canoe Creek, with info provided by Wendy Baker.
25 July 2010: added Camp McDowell, Antelope Creek Post, Camp in Bear Valley, Lone Pine Post, Post at Los Angeles (2), Camp at El Chino. Revised Fort Bidwell, Fort Reading, Fort Weller, Camp Cady, Drum Barracks, Post at San Pedro, New Camp Carleton, San Bernardino Posts.

5 July 2010: added Old Stone Fort, Camp at Pueblo. Revised Fort Maurice, Fort Huerfano, Camp Soda Spring, Fort Flagler.

25 August 2010: added Camp Dutton.


4 September 2010: added Camp Bethany Beach, Bethany Beach Radar Station.


24 November 2010: added Mayport Radar Station, Flagler Beach Radar Station, Cape Canaveral Radar Station, Key Largo Radar Station, Miami Beach Radar Station, Camp Murphy, Jensen Beach Radar Station, Crystal River Radar Station, Indian Rocks Radar Station, Anna Maria Radar Station, Santa Rosa Radar Station.





15 May 2010: added La Taupine's Post.
12 June 2010: added Fort Charles, Fort Defiance (1).
4 September 2010: added Camp McDowell.

12 June 2010: added South Bend Fort, Cedar Lake Fort, Fort Donaldson.
27 October 2010: added Indianapolis Arsenal.


14 August 2010: added Kaw Point Fort.

7 November 2010: added Camp Irvine, Camp Sigel, Keller's Bridge Stockade, Camp Garnett, Camp Ella Bishop, Camp Sawyer, Fort Bramlette, Camp Moody, Camp Harwood, Camp Lytle, Camp Morton, Camp Swigert, Camp Wallace, Camp Buell, Camp Finnell, Camp Garber, Camp Pope, Camp Owens, Camp Joe Anderson (2), with info provided by Don Rightmyer.


17 January 2010: added Fernald Point Fort, Cadillac Mountain Radar Station, Morse Mountain Radar Station, Mount Agamenticus Radar Station.
10 July 2010: added Searsport Military Post, Saco Military Post, High Pine Camp.
4 September 2010: added South Trescott Radar Station.

30 August 2010: added Camp Somerset.
4 September 2010: added Black Hill Radar Station.

10 January 2010: added Amesbury Powder House.
24 January 2010: added Peaked Hill Radar Station.
2 May 2010: added Dickenson's Garrison House, Chelmsford Garrison Houses, French's Garrison House, Bedford Garrison House. Revised Haverhill Garrison Houses.
10 July 2010: revised Camp Framingham.
11 July 2010: added Ipswich Camp, South Hingham Camp, Plymouth Camp.
4 September 2010: added Chatham Radar Station, North Truro Radar Station.
30 November 2010: revised Fort Glover.

31 January 2010: revised Fort Brady.
15 May 2010: added Saginaw Bay Posts.
5 July 2010: added Camp Banks.

15 May 2010: revised Cass Lake Posts, Winnibigoshish House, Fort Charlotte, Red Lake House.
19 June 2010: added Fort Burns with info provided by Craig Duehring.
6 November 2010: revised 1862 Sioux Uprising Defenses with some info provided by Craig Duehring.

20 March 2010: revised Old Spanish Fort (2) with info provided by David M. Krebs.

8 June 2010: added St. Charles Blockhouse.



5 July 2010: added Silver City Fort, Fort Riley, Virginia City Provost Guard, Camp at Desert Wells, Fairbanks Station, Camp at Otter Creek, Fort Redskin, Camp Lyon, Camp Winthrop.

11 July 2010: added Camp Morley.

4 September 2010: added Camp Evans, Oakhurst Radar Station. Revised Highlands Military Reservation.

10 July 2010: added Camp Navajo Springs, Station at Ocate, Camp Lincoln, Camp Rabbit Ear Creek, Camp Baird's Ranch, Station at Hubbel's Ranch, Camp at Los Valles, Robledo Presidio, Camp at Mangues Ranch, Camp Union, Camp at Tularosa Valley. Revised Post at Cubero, Camp Sierra, Fort Webster (2), Camp Bear Spring. Moved Camp near Cariso from Arizona.

All outside links checked April 2010.
11 April 2010: added Snakapins, Fort Corchaug. Revised Fort Massapeag.
7 August 2010: added Shawangunk Indian Fort, Kerhonkson Indian Fort, Camp Holley, Roosa's Fort, Fort Westbrook.
14 November 2010: added East Battery, Peru Blockhouse, Willborough Blockhouse, Elizabethtown Arsenal, Diamond Island Supply Depot, Mohawk Castle (1), Mohawk Castle (2), Lower Mohawk Castle (3), Mohawk Castle (3), Camp Mohawk, Middle Mohawk Castle, Lower Mohawk Castle (2), Lower Mohawk Castle (1), Fort Hunter (2), Berne Indian Stockade, Schoharie Blockhouse, Cedar Swamp Camp, Van Alstyne House, Casteel Hoogte, Round Top Fort, Schoonmaker's Fort, Smith's Clove Camp, Tarrytown Battery, Camp Delaware, New Fort, Wawarsing Fort, Bevier's House, Sayer's Blockhouse, Nipnichsen, Oyster Bay Fort, McIntyre's Fort, Williamsville Barracks, Fox Point Battery, Algonkin Indian Fort, Onontare, Kanestio Castle, Ganechstage, Tory Quarters, Auburn Barracks, Camp Auburn, Great Gully Fort, Cayuga Indian Fort (2), Moravia Arsenal, Cayuga Indian Fort (1), Newtown, Otsiningo Castle, Oneida Castle (3), Oneida Indian Fort, Onondaga Castle (1), Onondaga Castle (2), Fort Jackson. Revised Buffalo Barracks, Frenchman's Landing Blockhouses, Fort Alleghan. Split off new page for Catskill Region.

8 June 2010: revised Camp Vance (4) with info provided by Dan Frezza.
25 August 2010: added Charles Towne, Bogue Sound Blockhouse, Torhunta. Revised Topsail Inlet CSA Camps, Camp Branch (3), Newport Barracks, Fort Lane, Fort Hill (2).
4 September 2010: added Davis Radar Station, Kitty Hawk Radar Station.
23 October 2010: revised Cathey's Fort with info provided by Carole Williams.

15 May 2010: added LeRoy's House, Upper Red River House. Revised Pembina River House, Park River Post.


17 July 2010: revised Fort Miami (2), with info provided by Willis Thomas.
19 July 2010: revised Curry's Blockhouse, with info provided by Willis Thomas.


20 March 2010: added Humbug Mt. Radar Station, Cape Arago Radar Station, Cape Perpetua Radar Station, Cape Meares Radar Station.
22 May 2010: added Siletz Bay Radar Station.
20 June 2010: added Camp Spencer, Camp Castaway, Camp Henderson.

9 October 2010: revised Baker Island.


All outside links checked April 2010.
17 April 2010: added Philadelphia Powder Magazine, Lycoming Creek Stockade, Phillips' Fort, Coulter's Fort, Shoup's Fort, Washington Camp, Camp at Stewart's Crossing. Revised Tobyhanna Army Depot, Fort Muncy, Harrisburg Civil War Defenses, Fort Redstone (1).
25 April 2010: added Fort Indiantown Gap (2). Revised Woodruff's Fort, Fort Allen (2), Fort Armstrong (2). Consolidated by county Pioneer Settlement Forts of Western PA on page 6.
13 May 2010: revised Philadelphia Cold War AAA Defenses.
25 June 2010: revised Shippen's Blockhouse, Edmonson's Fort, Fort Morris (1), with info provided by John J. McCorriston of the Shippensburg Historical Society.


22 May 2010: added WWII Air Defense Radar Stations.

All outside links checked January 2010.
24 January 2010: added Camp Endicott. Revised Fort Ninigret.
10 July 2010: added Camp Burlingame.

10 July 2010: added Camp Myrtle Beach.
4 September 2010: added Huntington Beach Radar Station.



13 March 2010: moved Camp E.B. Strong to South Central Texas page, with info on exact location provided by Charles Lokey.


8 June 2010: revised Fort Wordsworth.
5 July 2010: added Camp Church Buttes, Camp at Farmington, Camp Battle Creek Settlement, Fish Springs Station, Camp at Government Springs, Camp at Loveland's, Camp Parker. Revised Camp on Bear River, Camp Conness.


15 August 2010: added Guilford Signal Station.
30 August 2010: added Camp Ashby.
4 September 2010: added Camp Oyster, Parramore Island Fort, Camp Chincoteague.
25 September 2010: revised Front Royal QM Remount Depot.

20 March 2010: added Blyn Radar Station, Friday Harbor Radar Station, Ilwaco Radar Station, Raymond Radar Station, Willapa Bay Radar Station, Grayland Radar Station, Pacific Beach Radar Station, Kalaloch Radar Station, Ruby Beach Radar Station. Revised Fort Hayden (Cape Flattery), Fort Lawton.


15 May 2010: added Prairie du Chien Post, St. Pierre's Post, Fort St. Croix, Fort Chagouamigon, Henry's Post. Revised Fort St. François.
12 June 2010: added Funk's Fort, Fort Union, Parish's Fort, Fort Napoleon, Kindle's Fort, Fort Gratiot, Fort Clark, Shull's Fort, Hollingsworth's Fort, Fort Independence, Diamond Grove Fort, Fort at New Diggings, Jones' Blockhouse, Platteville Blockhouse, Eversoll's Fort, Snake Hollow Blockhouse.


All outside links checked September 2010.
19 September 2010: split off Northern Alberta page. Added Lethbridge Post, Pincher Creek Post, Camp Sarcee, Berry's Post, Livingston's Post, Bow Fort, Boggy Hall Post, Muskeg Fort, Nelson House, Upper Terre Blanche Post, Lower Terre Blanche Post, Cold Lake Post, Athabasca Landing Post, Fort Assiniboine, Lac Ste. Anne Post, Sturgeon Lake Post, Grande Prairie Post, Spirit River Ranch Post, Fort Fork, Peace River Crossing Post, Lesser Slave Lake Post (2), Lesser Slave Lake Post (1), Whitefish Lake Post, Trout Lake Post, Campbell's House, McLeod's Fort (1), Encampment Island Fort, Horse Shoe House, Battle River Post, Aspin House, Boyer's Post, Colvile House, Red River Post, Wentzel's Post, Grand Marais Post, John's House, Lake Claire Post, Fort of the Forks, Berens House, Pierre au Calumet Post, Pond's Fort, Ross' Post, Lake Athabasca Post (1). Revised Fort Ethier, Fort de L'Isle, Fort Vermilion (2), St. Mary's House, Fort Vermilion (1), Fort MacKay, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Wedderburn.
23 October 2010: added over 20 NWMP patrol posts.

All outside links checked January 2010.
31 January 2010: added Fort Kluskus, Spider Island Radar Station, Queen Charlotte Islands Radar Stations, Fort McLeod, Toad River Post, Liard Post, McDame Creek Post, Dease Lake House, Fort Glenora, Ferrer Point Radar Station, Fort Rupert, Cape Scott Radar Station. Revised Fort McLoughlin, Fort George, Fort Fraser, Fort Babine, Fort Simpson, Hudson's Hope Post, Telegraph Creek Post, Fort Victoria, Jordan River Defences, Ucluelet Defences, Nanaimo Bastion.
14 February 2010: added Pine Creek Post. Revised Klondike Gold Rush NWMP Posts.
13 March 2010: split BC Mainland page into two pages. Added Vancouver Post, Quesnel Post, Barkerville Post, Esquimalt Post, Kiix'in Indian Fort, Stony Creek Post, Little Bear Lake Post, Hazelton Post, Masset Post, Black River Post, Fort Halkett, Teslin Post. Revised Work Point Barracks, Fort St. James, Fort St. John, Fort Graham, Fort Ware, Fort Nelson. Moved Kootenae House (1) from Montana.
8 May 2010: added Boat Encampment, Lac d'Orignal Post, Fort Essington, Fort Connolly, Fort Drew, Fort Mumford.
8 June 2010: revised Nootka Fort.
6 November 2010: added Gitlaxdzok Indian Fort.

All outside links checked February 2010.
31 January 2010: added Canadian WWII Air Defence Radar Stations.
28 February 2010: added ten HBC posts. Revised Fort Trial, Fort Nascopie, North West River Post (2).
21 March 2010: added White's Trade Post.
8 May 2010: added Tigaraxhook Post, Gull Island Post, Sandy Banks Post, Grand River Post, Kenomish Post, Kinimish Post, North West River Post (1), North West River Outpost (3), Grand Lake Post, Shabiskasho Post, Mulligan Post, East River Post, Paradise Post, Eagle River Post, Fort Grand Saint-Modeste. Revised North West River Post (2).

All outside links checked November 2010.
21 February 2010: added Port Nelson Post, Churchill Post.
6 November 2010: extensive revisions and additions throughout. Split off Northern Manitoba page.

All outside links checked March 2010.
6 March 2010: split up into three new pages. Added Fort Carleton (1), Aroostook Post, Fort Presqu' Île, Woodstock Blockhouse, Meductic Indian Fort, Fredericton Junction Blockhouse, Duke of Kent's "Visual Telegraph" System, Dipper Harbour Post, Fort Vernon, Fort Carleton (2), Letang Battery, Piskahegan Blockhouse, Pomeroy Blockhouse, Indian Island Post, Gilbert Battery, Fort Fronsac, Richibucto Blockhouse, Shepody Bay Post, Camp Sussex, Saint John Ordnance Depot. Revised Fort Madawaska, Fort Nashwaak, Fredericton Military Compound, Fort Jemseg, Worden's Ferry Battery, Fort de Nerepice, Nipisiquit Trading Establishment, Miramichi Fort.
8 May 2010: added Rivière Saint-Jean Trade Post.

All outside links checked March 2010.
31 January 2010: added Allan's Island Radar Station, St. Bride's Radar Station, Cape Spear Radar Station, Elliston Radar Station, Fogo Island Radar Station, Cape Ray Radar Station, Canadian WWII Air Defence Radar Stations.
21 March 2010: added Commissariat House, Cuper's Cove Fort, Carbonear Battery, Heart's Content Fort, Fox Island Fort.

All outside links checked February 2010.
14 February 2010: added Fort Providence (1), Fort Enterprise, Fort Confidence, Alaervik Post, Holman Island Post, Walker Bay Posts. Revised Fort Smith, Fort Resolution, Fort Reliance, Fort Liard, Fort Franklin, Fort McPherson.
8 May 2010: added Salt River Post, Rocher River Post, Yellowknife Posts, Big Island Post, Livingston's Fort, Fort Alexander, Fort Castor, Dease Bay Post, Port Radium Posts, Cameron Bay Post, Arctic Red River Posts, Tununuk Post, Nicholson Peninsula Post, Maitland Point Posts, Pearce Point Post.

All outside links checked March 2010.
31 January 2010: added WWII Air Defence Radar Stations, St. Paul Island Radar Station. Revised Battery Wolfe (Louisbourg WWII Defences).
21 March 2010: added Camp Norway, Weymouth Fort, Camp Aldershot, Fort Beaubassin, Wellington Barracks. Revised Fort William Augustus, Fort Morris, Fort Edward (1), York Redoubt, Fort McNab, Fort Charlotte.
8 May 2010: added Piziquid Post, Chignecto Post.

All outside links checked February 2010.
31 January 2010: added Base Crystal Two, Base Crystal Three. Revised Port Burwell Posts, Fort Ross.
21 February 2010: added 40 new Hudson's Bay Company posts. Added 8 Canalaska Trading Company posts. Added 15 new RCMP posts. Revised Fullerton Harbour Posts, Chesterfield Inlet Posts, Northumberland House. Added Fort Hope, Cape Kendall Post, Port Leopold Post, Kellet's Storehouse.
8 May 2010: added Eureka Post. Revised Charlton Island Depot.

All outside links checked April 2010.
31 January 2010: added Soo Locks WWII AA Defences.
3 April 2010: added London Barracks, Highland Creek Archaeological Site, Jackes Archaeological Site, Lindsay Post, Camp Borden, Camp Petawawa. Revised Wolseley Barracks, Butler's Barracks.
15 May 2010: added Narrows Post, South-East Lake Post, Matchedash Bay Post, Baie de Quinté Post, Péré's Post, Lac d'Orignal Post, Bonne Chere River Post, Matawashka Post, Tomississippi Post.
16 October 2010: extensive revisions and additions to Northern Ontario listings. Split off Northern Ontario (East) and Northern Ontario (West) pages. Revised Soo Locks WWII AA Defences. Added Rousseaux' Post, Saugeen Post, Sagingue Posts (2), Sheboananing Posts, Shawinaga Posts to page 1. Added Joachim Post, Trout Lake Post (4) to page 2.
25 October 2010: added Clinton RCAF Station.
30 October 2010: added Fort Douville, Fort Portneuf.
6 November 2010: added Saint-Louis Mission, Fort Sainte-Marie (2). Revised Fort Sainte-Marie (1).

All outside links checked February 2010.
21 March 2010: added Tignish Radar Station.

All outside links checked March 2010.
31 January 2010: added St. George Radar Station, Fox River Radar Station, Base Crystal One.
6 March 2010: added Lac des Deux Montagnes Post, Montréal Post, Trois-Rivières Post, Cap Rouge Blockhouse, Sillery Blockhouse, Camp Valcartier, Québec Post, Fort Pontchartrain. Revised Le Vieux Fort (1), Tadoussac Trade Posts. Moved and revised Fort Listuguj from New Brunswick. Added 19 HBC trade posts on page 3. Split off new pages for Western and Northern Québec. Added 19 HBC trade posts on page 4. Added 32 HBC trade posts on page 5.
27 March 2010: added Anticosti Island Fort.
11 April 2010: added Ash Island Blockhouse.
8 May 2010: added Fort Bic, Fort Rivière du Loup, Fort Rivière des François, Fort Saint Augustin, Fort Gros Mékatina, Mekatina Post, Cocosho Post, Fort Maignant, Fort Mingan, Cormoran Post, Fort Moisie, Fort Naskapis, Fort Manicouagan, Portneuf Post, Fort Mille Vaches, Half-Way Post, Fort Nikabau, Chippishaw Post, Caipimo Lake Post, Mistassini Posts (1), Little Mistassini Lake Post, Walford's House, Cheasquacheston Lake Post, Erlandson's Post (1), Erlandson's Post (2). Revised Le Vieux Fort (1), Seven Islands Post, Godbout Posts, Isle de Jérémie Posts, Fort Métabéchouan, Pointe Bleue Posts, Ashuapmuchuan Posts, Mistassini Posts (2), Temiskamay Post, Fort Rupert (2), Nemiscau Post, Neoskweskau Posts, Great Whale River House, Little Whale River House, Kaniapiskau Post.
10 May 2010: added Lake St. Peter Post, Fort La Gabelle, Fort Rivière du Lièvre (1), Lac des Sables Posts, Portage de la Roche Post, Allumette Island Post, Dumoine River Post, Rivière du Lièvre Post (2), Hunter's Lodge, Wabijiwoine Post, La Tuque Posts, Rat River Posts. Revised Lake of Two Mountains Posts, Chats Post, Fort Du Moine, Désert Post, Grand Lake Posts, Fort des Abitibi, Weymontachingue Posts.
6 November 2010: added Île du Havre Fort.

All outside links checked September 2010.
2 October 2010: split off Northern Saskatchewan page. Added and revised numerous entries throughout both pages for HBC, NWC, XY, and independent fur trade posts; and Northwest Rebellion sites.
20 October 2010: added over 20 NWMP patrol posts.
30 October 2010: added Nut Lake Post. Revised Marlboro House. Moved Fort la Jonquière entry from Manitoba.

All outside links checked February 2010.
6 February 2010: added Pelly Banks Post, Teslin Posts, Fort Constantine, Fort Reliance. Revised Kluane Post. Moved Fort Cudahy from Alaska.
14 February 2010: added 50 new entries for the North West Mounted Police posts of the early 20th-century. Revised Rampart House, LaPierre's House, Herschel Island Posts.
8 May 2010: added Summit Post. Revised locations for Tantalus Post, Hutshiku Post, Moosehide Post, and Klondike Goldfields NWMP Posts.

22 May 2010: added American WWII Air Defense Radar Stations.
26 June 2010: added Spanish Missions of Pimería Alta, Spanish Missions of Baja California. Revised Other Spanish Presidios in Northern Mexico, San Blas Fort.

All outside links checked March 2010.
27 March 2010: added new page to the Canada folder.

24 January 2010: added Goat Island Torpedo Station, Rhode Island.
8 August 2010: added Poughkeepsie Shipyard, New York.
25 August 2010: revised Wilmington CSA Shipyard, North Carolina.


All outside links checked January 2010.
31 January 2010: revised Halifax Naval Dockyard, HMCS Sackville, Nova Scotia; Navy Island, HMCS Haida, Ontario; Esquimalt Naval Dockyard, British Columbia.
28 March 2010: added Newark Naval Depot, Ontario.
3 April 2010: added HMS Plumper, New Brunswick; Hamilton and Scourge, Ontario.

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