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A list of text updates and corrections beginning since 1 January 2007, arranged by page.
(Does not include corrected or deleted links, nor changed HTML coding.)

17 March 2007: revised Fort Toulouse.
25 August 2007: added Moundville.



6 January 2007: revised Fort Verde with correct location provided by Jerry Blanz.

13 October 2007: added Arkadelphia Arsenal, Camp Jackson, McKissick's Spring Camp, Camp McIntosh, Camp Crystal Hill. Revised Fort Sutherland.

1 June 2007: updated Iceland.
23 June 2007: added Azores. Revised Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua, Trinidad.
1 December 2007: revised Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia, Trinidad.

6 January 2007: revised Presidio of Monterey, Fort Montgomery, San Francisco Harbor Defenses, Fort MacArthur. Split up San Francisco Area pages.
10 February 2007: added Camp Banks, Camp Cook, Camp on Canoe Creek, Fort Mulgrave, Camp Temecula, Camp near Callahan's Ranch, Camp at Calicienga Ranch. Revised Camp Sequoia National Park, Drum Barracks.


6 January 2007: added Pike's Peak Station, Post at Trinidad, Camp Union, Camp Soda Spring, Camp near Los Pinos.

15 September 2007: added Kievet's Hook Trading Post.

15 December 2007: split off from Atlantic page. Revised and expanded Guantanamo, Santiago, Havana listings. Added Spanish Colonial Forts.

1 June 2007: added Liston Front Range Light Reservation.
15 September 2007: added Fort Sikeomess. Revised Naaman Blockhouse.

21 July 2007: revised Nacotchtanck.
1 August 2007: added Camp Brightwood, Camp Cameron, Camp Chase.

6 January 2007: revised Fort Santa Maria, Fort Caroline, Fort George (1), Fort Piribiriba, Castillo de San Marcos, St. Johns River Ferry Forts, Fort San Luis de Apalachee, Cape Canaveral Fort, Fort Tocobaga, Fort Tequesta, Fort San Antonio de Padua. Added Moloa Mission, Enecape Mission, Abosaya Fort, La Chua Ranch, Spanish Missions of Timucua, Asile Ranch, Timucua Fort, Spanish Missions of Yustaga, Spanish Missions of Apalachee, Mayaca Mission, Jororo Missions.
17 March 2007: Added entry for Camp Gordon Johnston for historical interest only. Revised San Marcos de Apalache, Fort Barrancas, Barrancas Barracks, Fort Pickens.
24 March 2007: completely revised all Pensacola Bay Forts, split off new page from Western Florida.
25 August 2007: added Fort Coombs.

6 January 2007: revised Wassaw Island Reservation.
10 March 2007: added Fort Screven (1) with info courtesy of Lewis Strickland.
17 March 2007: revised Sunbury Fort (1), Fort Morris.
25 August 2007: added King Site.

1 June 2007: added Piti Navy Yard, Marine Barracks. Revised Mt. Chachao Battery.

24 February 2007: revised Russian Fort, Fort Kekuanohu, Puowaina Battery. Added Kakaako Battery, Camp Lili'uokalani.
10 March 2007: added info on Tern Island and Kure Island.
1 June 2007: revised Midway Islands.
23 June 2007: added the nine sites of Naval Antiaircraft Shore Batteries to Oahu South Shore.
14 July 2007: added info on WWII searchlight sites, radar sites, and AA early warning sites for O'ahu Island.
13 October 2007: added Camp Waiakea.

6 January 2007: revised MacKenzie's Post. Added Fort Bonneville. Moved Howse Fort from Montana.
1 July 2007: added Camp Salmon Falls. Need more info: Camp Supply, Camp Phoenix, Fort Koolante.
3 November 2007: added Fort Wilson with info provided by Merv Leavitt.

10 March 2007: added Jones' Fort (1), Downing's Station, Hill's Fort, Shelton's Fort, Brazil's Station.
1 May 2007: revised locations of Camp Hayden, Fort Willard with info provided by Stanley Schmitt. Added Kincaid Mounds.
1 August 2007: added Camp Butler (2).
13 October 2007: added Camp Logan, Camp Cedarville, Camp Albany, Bureau County Civil War Camps, Warnock's Blockhouse, Camp Lyon (2), Camp Dunlap, Fort Aggie, Camp Marshall. Revised Fort Wilbourn, Hennepin Fort, Fort Edwards, Chilton's Fort, Fort Bellefontaine. Need more info: Camp Camden Mills, Post at Battery Rock.

10 March 2007: added Montgomery's Fort, Lick Creek Blockhouse.
1 May 2007: revised Fort Wayne, Fort Boyd, Fort Harrison, Fort Knox, Fort Steuben, Civil War Camps (Evansville) with info provided by Stanley Schmitt. Added Angel Mounds.
27 September 2007: added Camp Jackson to Indiana Civil War Camps.

6 January 2007: added Big Sioux Post.

6 January 2007: added Post at Topeka, Miami Valley Post.

28 April 2007: extensive revisions and additions on all pages to Early Pioneer Stations and Forts, from material supplied by Charles Bogart.

1 March 2007: revised present status of Tower Dupre, Fort Proctor.
1 August 2007: added Camp Lewis.

13 October 2007: added Camp Pope, Norridgewock, Camp Mason, Stratton's Fort, Agamenticus Trading Post. Revised Fort George (2), Woolwich Garrisons, Augusta Civil War Camps, Camp Berry, Fort Gray, Province Fort, Woodman's Fort, Buxton Powder House, Fort Dayton, Scarborough Garrisons, Dunstan Garrisons, Fort Mary, Wells Garrisons, York Garrisons, Eliot Garrisons, South Berwick Garrisons, Berwick Garrisons.

21 July 2007: added Cumberland Site, Chicone Site, Nanticoke Fort, Askiminikansen Fort, Winnasoccum Fort, Mockley Point Site, Accokeek Creek Site.

6 January 2007: revised Deerfield Garrisons, Northfield Garrisons, Fort Burke, Fort Sheldon, Fort Shirley, Fort Pelham, Fort Massachusetts. Added Fort Hill (1).
27 September 2007: added Camp Andrew, Camp Brigham, Lowell Civil War Camps, Beverly Fort, Camp Hooker. Revised Hingham Garrisons, Naumkeag Fort, Provincetown Batteries, Swansea Garrisons, Medfield Garrisons, Marlborough Garrisons, Sudbury Garrisons, Brookfield Garrisons, Northfield Garrisons.


23 June 2007: added Camp Yellow Medicine, Camp at Leech Lake. Need more info: Fort Rush.
13 October 2007: added Baker's Post (1), Wood's Post, Broker's Blockhouse, Fort Slocum, Fort Hill, Morrison's Post, Cadotte's Post, Reaume's Post. Changed Madelia Fort to Fort Cox. Revised Fort Perrot, Faribault's Post (2), Samuels' Post, Camp at Leech Lake.

1 June 2007: added Mississippi A&M College Training Battery.
1 August 2007: added Camp Davis (2).
25 August 2007: added Alibamu Indian Fort.
27 September 2007: added Camp Glendale.

24 February 2007: revised Cape Girardeau Defenses with information provided by Scott House.
20 October 2007: added Fort Madison, St. Charles Arsenal, Fort Bunker, Camp Krekel, Camp Tipton. Revised Fort Matson, Old Round Stone Fort, Springfield Civil War Defenses. Need more info: Camp Crittenden.

6 January 2007: general revisions on Western Montana page.
1 July 2007: added Fort Charles.

6 January 2007: added Columbia Fur Company Posts 1, 2, 3, Pawnee Post. Revised Sarpy's Post (2).
16 June 2007: revised Mullaly's Ranch Post.
1 July 2007: added Cantonment Canfield, Fort Ponca (3), Camp at Pawnee Agency. Revised Fort Omaha, Fort Hartsuff. Need more info: Fort Grove.

6 January 2007: added Camp near Carson City.

14 April 2007: revised Fort Dearborn.

15 September 2007: added Camp Hoboken, Camp Frelinghuysen, Camp Fair Oaks, Camp Vredenburg, Princeton Barracks, Camp Cadwallader, Camp Stockton.

16 June 2007: added Camp near Casa Colorado, Camp Winfield Scott, Camp Cogswell, Camp near Guadalupe Mountains, Pecos River Post, Camp Robbero, Camp at Las Animas, Camp Carizallillo Spring, Camp at Burro Mountains. Revised Fort Conrad, Fort Cummings, Gila Depot. Need more info: Camp Alamo Vejo, Camp near Cariso, Post at Lazuma, Camp Los Poros, Cantonment Mason, Camp Mule Spring, Camp Niggerhead Spring, Camp Pleasant Springs, Camp San Simon, Camp Shoeneman, Camp Schroeder.

1 June 2007: added Norton Point Reservation.
17 November 2007: added Philipsburg Blockhouse, Camp Washington, Oneida Castle (2), Rome Arsenal (1), Castle Island Trading Post, Fort d'Anormee Berge, Governor's Island Barracks, Camp Low, Frenchman's Landing Blockhouse, Camp Church, Unadilla Castle, Fort DePuy. Revised Sacandaga Blockhouse, Schenectady Stockade, Fort Esopus, Dobbs' Ferry Blockhouse, Fort H.G. Wright, Elmira Civil War Camps, Cochecton Post.

6 January 2007: revised Raleigh Arsenal with info provided by Jonathan Harris.
15 May 2007: revised Fort Raleigh.
8 September 2007: revised Washington Civil War Defenses.
13 October 2007: added Camp Holmes (3), Camp Patterson, Camp Andrews, Bath Fort, Camp McCulloch, Camp Winslow (2), Camp Watauga, Boone Court House Fort, Pott's Fort, Camp Woodfin, Fort Lindsay, Fort Montgomery, Fort Delaney. Revised Fort Barnwell, Fort Forrest, Cathey's Fort, Asheville Civil War Defenses.

6 January 2007: added Fort Manuel (1).
1 July 2007: added Camp Seclusion. Need more info: Camp Ambler, Camp Austin, Camp Barton, Camp Braden, Camp Carter, Camp Cox, Camp Defender, Camp Edgerton, Camp Gilfallen, Camp Hall, Camp Kennedy, Camp Libby, Camp Monroe, Camp Stevens, Camp Williston.

1 June 2007: added Pagan Island.


6 January 2007: added Camp Kagi.
21 July 2007: revised Camp Imochiah with info provided by Ronnie McBean.

1 July 2007: added Camp Stewart, Fort Table Rock, Camp on Chetco River, Camp Rogue River. Revised Camp Baker.

24 February 2007: revised Johnston Atoll, Palmyra Island. Added Bora Bora Island.
1 July 2007: added Nuku Hiva Island.

6 January 2007: added Fort Case.
1 August 2007: added Culbertson's Fort, Shippen's Blockhouse. Revised Fort Franklin (1), Fort McCormick (1). Split Southern PA page into two.
25 August 2007: added Post of Easton, Stewart's Fort (1), York Stockade, York Encampment, Lancaster Stockade, Lancaster Encampment, Camp at Harris' Ferry, Hendrick's Fort, McKee's Store, Bethel Church Fort, Heidelberg Church Fort, Post of Reading, Post at Armstrong's, Sharp's Fort, Harron's Fort. Revised Hyndshaw's Fort, Fort Halifax, Fort Hunter, Samuel Robinson's Fort, Philip Robinson's Fort, Fort Henry.
8 September 2007: added Pittsburgh Civil War Defenses.
13 October 2007: revised Philadelphia Civil War Camps.

24 February 2007: revised Harbor Defenses of Manila Bay.
1 June 2007: added Cavite, Mariveles, Olongapo Naval Defenses.


1 June 2007: added Woonsocket Armory, Providence Armory, Pawtucket Armory, East Greenwich Armory, Westerly Armory.
22 September 2007: split Narragansett Bay page into two. Added Common Fence Point Battery, Arnold Point Fort, Dutch Island Trading Post.

6 January 2007: added Tobler's Fort.
17 March 2007: added Camp Cheraw.
1 August 2007: added Fort Washington, Camp Truesdale. Split Greater Charleston page.

6 January 2007: added Lake Traverse Post (2), James River Post, Arikara Post (2). Revised Fort Recovery.
1 July 2007: added Fort Hutchinson, Fort Cedar (2), Camp Rains. Need more info: Camp Whittelsey.

25 August 2007: added Toqua Site, Ledford Island Site.

14 July 2007: added Texas City Camp with info provided by Ronald Simpson.

16 June 2007: added St. Thomas Barracks, Fort Skytsborg.
1 December 2007: added Cowell Battery.

6 January 2007: moved Camp Defiance from Idaho. Added Camp at Bear River, Ogden Station, Camp in Echo Canyon, Camp Timpanagos, Camp Shunk, Camp Crossman, Camp Clarke, Camp Paige, Camp near Fillmore City, Camp Sevier, Camp on Birch Creek, Camp on Lolos Creek, Camp Porter, Camp Tyler. Revised Camp Conness.


6 January 2007: added Fort George (2), Brent Town Fort, New London Arsenal, Dalstonburg Powder Magazine, Westham Arsenal.
10 March 2007: added Kittewan Battery with info provided by Lyle Browning.
17 March 2007: revised Camp Cobb.
20 May 2007: added Blackwater Line, Buckhorn Quarters, Gwynn's Island Camp, Evelynton Plantation, Camp Winfield Scott, Jordan's Journey, Buzzard Rock Site, Rentfroe's Fort, Onancock Barracks. Revised Fort Myer, Rappahannock Indian Fort, Fort Powhatan, Chesapeack, Fort Murray, Fort Story. Split off Eastern Shore page.
21 July 2007: added Camp Quantico, Saponi Indian Fort, Saponi Town, Occoneechee Town, Compton's Fort, Manakin Town, Gargatha Fort. Revised Fort Christanna.
12 September 2007: added Bristoe Station, Kettle Run Stockade, Catlett Station, New Bridge Batteries. Revised Richmond Civil War Defenses, Yorktown Battlefield, Big Bethel Redoubt, Newport News Civil War Defenses, Winchester Civil War Defenses. Split Central Virginia page into two pages.
27 September 2007: added Chisman's Fort, Camp Holly, Rinehart's Fort, Carpenter's Fort, Standiford's Fort, Shell's Fort. Revised Fort York, Tyndall's Point Fort, Fort George (4).
17 November 2007: added Camp Franklin.

6 January 2007: revised Fort Lawton.
1 July 2007: added Fort Discovery. Revised American Camp, Fort Cascades, Fort Cowlitz. Need more info: Fort Lone Tree Point, Camp Ephraim, Fort Malikoff, Fort Mason (2), Camp Osoyees, Fort Raglan, Fort Riggs, Fort Rupert, Fort Skookum, Fort Smalley.

10 March 2007: revised McGuire's Station with info provided by Joe McGuire.
8 September 2007: added Meadow Bluff Camp.
5 October 2007: added George Westfall's Fort, Van Bebber's Fort. Revised Richard Morris' Fort, Camp Paw Paw, Camp Jones.

27 September 2007: added Camp Hamilton, Camp Utley, Camp Treadway. Revised Milwaukee Civil War Camps, St. Feriole Island Trading Post.

6 January 2007: added Camp Wingfield.
1 July 2007: added Camp Bridger Pass, Camp Howard, Camp Payne, Camp Bitter Cottonwood, Camp Devin. Revised Fort McKinney. Need more info: Fort McHenry, Fort Piney, Camp Pelouse River.

17 February 2007: added Fort Pend d'Oreille, Belly River Fort, Fort Kipp, and revised Fort Slideout, with info provided by Dave Hull.
8 September 2007: revised Fort Pend d'Oreille, and added Conrad's Post and Robber's Roost with new info provided by John Dormaar.

6 January 2007: revised Fort Kamloops. Added Kootenay Post.



3 February 2007: revised all listings for Saint John. Added Fort Jemseg.
17 February 2007: added Allyson Point Battery.
1 May 2007: added Miscou Trading Post.

15 May 2007: revised L'Anse aux Meadows.


17 February 2007: split off Cape Breton page. Added Bras d'Or Post, Colonial Defences of Sydney. Revised Canso Strait Defences, Fort William Augustus, Fort William, Fort Dorchester, Sydney Harbor Defences.
1 May 2007: added Canseau, Port Rossignol Post.




6 January 2007: added Hochelaga. Split off Northern Québec page.
1 May 2007: added Tadoussac Trading Post.




24 February 2007: added Kawaihae Naval Yard.
20 May 2007: revised Norfolk Naval Shipyard.
23 June 2007: added Charleston Naval Shipyard, Port Royal Naval Station.
11 August 2007: added Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard.
13 October 2007: revised Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.



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