Manhattan Sites

Castle Clinton - Battery Park

Built 1807 - Declared Surplus 1821

Mike Casale says: "A fake cannon is on display in Castle Clinton, otherwise there's nothing else to see here. The rest of the fort is occupied by a NPS ticket booth, bathrooms, an exhibit room, and a small tourist souvenir shop." SEPTEMBER 2001

Fort Jay - Governor's Island

Built 1794 - Rebuilt 1806,1836 - Declared Surplus 1966

Mike Casale says: "The two-hour tour of the island was quite a whirlwind. Picture me trying to take photos with 100 other people, without trying to not get them in the picture, and trying not to be obnoxious about it. Whatever views from Governor's Island you see in these photos, that's all we were allowed to walk around and see. In Fort Jay, all we were allowed to walk to was the parade ground, and then we had to leave." SEPTEMBER 2001

Main sally port.

A view now forever changed.

Parade ground and barracks.

South Battery - Governor's Island

Built 1812 - Declared Surplus 1966

Mike Casale says: "We were not allowed to walk around the building. Notice our security escort following us close behind."

Castle Williams - Governor's Island

Built 1807 - Declared Surplus 1966

Notice cannon on top of wall.