Hudson River Valley Sites

Fort Clinton - Bear Mountain State Park

Built 1776

Mike Casale says: "Remains of Fort Clinton. Interestingly enough, they sit in the Bear Mountain Zoo in between different animal exhibits. The fort is about 70 yards south of the tollbooth for the Bear Mountain Bridge on the west-side of the Hudson River." OCTOBER 2001

Diorama of the fort in the Bear Mountain Zoo Museum.

Bear Mountain Bridge and "Anthony's Nose" across the river.
An iron chain was stretched across the river in 1777, just left of the bridge.

Fort Montgomery - Town of Fort Montgomery

Built 1776

Mike Casale says: Currently New York State is developing the ruins as a historical site. You can see this in some of the pictures. Both Forts Clinton and Montgomery were attacked and overrun simultaneously by a large split British force. An iron chain was stretched across the Hudson River by the Continentals, right under the present-day Bear Mountain Bridge. The British, of course, took care of it, and sailed up to West Point to destroy the fort there (Fort Constitution). Instead of pushing on to Albany to help General Burgoyne, they went back to New York City." OCTOBER 2001

Probably the fort's sally port.

Building foundations.

Redoubts facing the Hudson River.

The fort's well.

The Bear Mountain Bridge viewed from the fort.
This is just upriver from Fort Clinton.

Miller's Hill Battlefield - New Castle Township

Built 1776

Mike Casale says: "The mound in the picture is the remains of earthworks thrown up by the Continental Army during their last position after the Battle of White Plains. This small park is the relatively unknown Miller's Hill Battlefield Park." SEPTEMBER 2001