Other New Jersey Sites

Middlebrook Camp - Bound Brook

Built 1777

Mike Casale says: "The signs tell it all." OCTOBER 2001

Marker for last remaining redoubt (of three) built by Patriot Army in 1777.

The green patch of grass is the interior of the redoubt.

Rear of redoubt.

Fort Nonsense - Morristown National Historic Park

Built 1777

Mike Casale says: "Nothing remains of the fort. The small curved growth on left runs along brick markers which mark the outer wall of the fort. The fort runs on top of the hill, the wall comes back just in front of cannon and ends just beyond where I'm standing to take the picture. The cannon (except carriage) is original to the period. The hill is called Mt. Kemble and it overlooks the town of Morristown. This whole area of New Jersey, especially in the fall, is very scenic and very nice. This is my favorite NHP." OCTOBER 2001