Boston Harbor Sites

Fort Independence - Castle Island

Built 1802 - Rebuilt 1848 - Declared Surplus 1960

Mike Casale says: "I was not allowed to walk past a bunji-cord barrier at the entrance of the fort's sally port. Guided tours are given but I was in the city primarily for business and the cab ride out to the fort and the Revolutionary War site on Dorchester Heights was $35, so I never got the chance to go back and take it. There is a fake cannon on one of the parapets, but I could not get it in the shot." JULY 2001

Exterior views.

Parade ground.

Dorchester Heights - South Boston

Monument to Patriot Army Redoubts of 1776.

Marker erected 1927.

Fort Warren - George's Island

Built 1835-1857 - Declared Surplus 1950

Mike Casale says: "The ride out to the island alone is worth the trip! Very scenic and interesting 45 minute trip." JULY 2001

Two signal guns in front of powerplant building.

WWI Observation Station.

Battery Stevenson - built 1899-1903.

Battery Stevenson's gun well for 12" disappearing gun.