Delaware River Sites

Fort Delaware - Pea Patch Island

Built 1848-1859 - Declared Surplus 1944

Mike Casale says: "Fort Delaware served as a prisoner camp for Confederate POWs during the Civil War. Many of them were from the Battle of Gettysburg. Many of the Confederate officers stayed in the barracks inside the fort." SEPTEMBER 2000

Reproduction 24-pounder guns on the parapet.

Authentic 32-pounder gun inside a casemate.

Parade ground, barracks, and main sally port entrance to the left.

Parade ground, casemates, and Battery Torbert (1901) on far right.

Fort Mott - Pennsville

Built 1874 - Rebuilt 1896 - Declared Surplus 1943

The main gun-line of Batteries Arnold (three 12-inch guns) and Harker (three 10-inch guns).

Tunnel under the parados.

1902 Observation tower and 1874 Magazine.

Casemate for a 3-inch gun of Battery Edwards (foreground).

Battery Krayenbuhl's gun well for a 5-inch gun.

Battery Arnold's gun well for a 12-inch disappearing gun.

Finns Point National Cemetery nearby Fort Mott.
Graves of WWII German POWs held at Fort DuPont in Delaware City.

Graves of over 2000 Confederate POWs held at Fort Delaware.

Battery 223 - Cape May

Built 1943 - Declared Surplus 1950's?

This battery once had two 6-inch guns.
The support pilings have been exposed to surf and tidal action.